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If you have had an illness or injury that causes you pain and hinders your ability to function, move, or live life to the fullest, then it is very possible that your doctor may recommend that you receive physical therapy. Physical therapy may be used for many different reasons and some of those include to relieve pain, to improve your movement, to recover from an injury, for rehab after a stroke or surgery, to work on regaining balance to prevent falls, and to learn how to adapt and use a knew prosthetic limb. To overcome such issues, different kinds of physical therapy may be used at physical therapy centreville va

It depends on your unique treatment needs, just exactly what kind of physical therapy you will need. There are multiple treatment options available and a licensed physical therapist will assess your own unique needs and set up a treatment plan with end goals in mind. The result of most therapy is to decrease pain and inflammation, improve strength, improve balance, and improve endurance. One way that these things can be accomplished is for you to exercise with the guidance of a therapist. Exercise is a great way to increase mobility and when guided by a physical therapist the results can be great. 

Another way that your physical therapist may help you reach your goals is to use the ultrasound treatment machine during therapy. This machine allows deep heat to be used to treat things like sprains and damaged tendons. The therapist uses an ultrasound machine to work ultrasound waves over the skin and muscles that are injured. These waves and the heat associated with them help your body heal itself. 

A third technique commonly used in therapy for back pain and neck pain is the use of traction. This technique helps to separate the joints and spaces around discs located in the spine. When these areas are separated the pressure on spinal nerves is decreased, thus pain can be eliminated. This method includes you being strapped into a mechanical machine that slowly applies force while you sit in a comfortable position. 

Yet, another technique that is very commonly used in physical therapy offices is the use of massage therapy. Massage therapy is simply using the hands to knead and massage the areas of your body that are injured. The use of massage improves circulation to these areas and helps lessen muscle tension. By doing these things the body is given a chance to heal itself. 

These are just a few of the treatments and modalities that may be used in conjunction with a physical therapy program. A program for an individual may have to be revamped several times to truly find what works for that individual. So, if your doctor recommends physical therapy, then rest assured that they are doing so with a good reason. Physical therapy can seriously give you back what you have lost due to injury or illness.


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