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Technological advancements have transformed the way medical professionals provide patient care. This applies to healthcare for humans and veterinarian services. From diagnostic equipment for cancer patients to veterinary anesthesia systems, the changes that have occurred over the past decade have not only improved the way disease is diagnosed, but it has also improved the quality of care provided. 

A new trend that is growing in popularity is the use of interactive platforms by healthcare professionals, including veterinarians, for the purpose of communicating and staying engaged with patients. There are popular celebrity doctors that have TV shows, but there are also doctors and nurses with YouTube channels, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts who engage with the public as a way to provide information to promote overall wellness. Many people find this change in how the healthcare community engages with the general public refreshing. There have even been dentists who have obtained more customers through the effective use of social media platforms. 

When it comes to data management in healthcare, it is drastically different than ever before. Medical records can be more easily accessed, which improves the quality of care. Despite the increased concerns regarding HIPAA regulations, most medical professionals adhere to requirements for confidentiality when they have access to the medical records of patients. Having quick access to more comprehensive medical records can assist a healthcare provider with pinpointing a medical problem faster, which is better for the long-term health of patients. 

The access to medical information that’s available online has empowered patients to take control of their health by doing the necessary research so that they can better understand their condition and communicate effectively with their healthcare provider. Patients are able to speak more intelligently about what they are experiencing, which can often help the doctor develop a plan of care. However, having access to information online can sometimes have a negative affect. Specifically, too much knowledge of various medical conditions can cause a person to become a hypochondriac, believing that every little symptom will result in a devastating diagnosis. As with any other area of life, balance is important. So is getting an expert opinion. 

Innovation has provided access to healthcare for people who would not otherwise receive it. Whether its through digital communication or the ability to order medication online, there are people located in rural towns who are unable to get to a doctor or pharmacy, but gain access to medical professionals. Sometimes it happens electronically, either by phone or email. Additionally, there are an increasing number of doctors who are able to provide home care because of portable medical equipment. 

Advancements in technology have also made it possible for more people to access elective procedures, such as plastic surgery. There was a time when the cost of plastic surgery was too high to even consider. Now, plastic surgery is far more accessible because it requires less time for surgeons to perform procedures. Technology has increased the efficiency of procedures. In some cases, innovation has shortened the amount of time that it takes for patients to heal.


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