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It goes without saying that playing sports is hugely beneficial to your physical health; what’s more, it has been scientifically proven that playing sports benefits you socially and emotionally. Being able to develop these two things early in life really helps youngsters as they get older with things such as their relationships and their career. School and home life are vital for them to grow as a person, but playing a sport is also important to develop their emotional and social health.

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Teaches teamwork

Playing a team sport means you have to participate with others to try to win the game. Being able to play a sport early on teaches the importance of teamwork when trying to reach a goal. It also helps to improve problem-solving, organisation and leadership skills, all of which can be very useful later in life.


A great social benefit of playing sports is that it teaches children how to be respectful. We have a lot of different institutions in this country that we want them to respect later in life and this is a great characteristic for anyone to have. Respecting the opposite team and even your fellow teammates is a crucial part of being a great sportsman. There has also been very successful research into the link between sports and the reduction in crime.

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Psychological and emotional benefits

Sports are great for building confidence. Being able to participate in a team sport, even if it is just rugby training drills, helps children to work harder for results in the long run. Doing rugby drills can boost someone’s self-esteem once they see even a slight improvement, which leads to more positivity and better overall emotional wellbeing.

Another great reason sports are so beneficial is that they teach our little ones about loss from a young age. Knowing how to deal with victories and losses early on sets a more solid foundation for later life. It also teaches us how to act appropriately in each situation.

Sports can really help to keep you motivated and it is this motivation that will benefit you in later life. Learning how to properly invest your time is an emotional and social benefit anyone can glean from playing sports.


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