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According to a survey people who are living in big cities are facing more air pollution than any other area. Several people get died on an annual basis due to air pollution in big cities. This all was started back in the era of industrialization when human is developing factories to produce different products. At the same time, they are developing big cities around those factories so people can live there and easily went to their offices. But now these people are mostly affected by air pollution in these cities.

Whenever you visit a big city you will find out plenty of people are wearing masks on their faces to get rid of the harmful side effects of air pollution. If we see the average life period of these cites people it is less than other areas of the same country. The main reason behind that is air pollution because several diseases attach to them due to excessive air pollution in their surroundings. Now people of these cities think seriously about this problem and different research programs are initiated to reduce it.

There are several different products available in the market through which you can control air pollution. The air purifier is one of them. It is a new technology-based product which operates in a controlled environment and produces purified air in that surrounding. In starting these products are huge and have a very basic operating system but as time passes it gets advanced. Now they have the best technology in which they use several layer purifier systems which make sure not even a single pollution particle present in your surroundings. These products are also available online on ecoquestpurifiers.com. This company is one of the best companies in the field of air purifier they have all kind of purifier according to your requirements.

Reasons for Air pollution:

So if we talk about different reasons for air pollution the first reason for air pollution is these factories which are producing dangerous smoke in the air. The smoke which is produced by these companies has a different kind of chemicals in it which produce a different kind of side effect on human beings. Then in the second stage, the smoke which is produced by automobiles is the main reason behind air pollution. The gasses which are produced by AC and refrigerators are also creating air pollution.

Diseases due to air pollution: 


The most commonly spreading disease in human beings due to air pollution is Asthma. In this disease, a person feels difficulty in breathing properly. He cannot perform its routine activity actively because there are high chances of asthma attach if he involved in an activity related to dust or pollution. So the person who had this disease always has its medicine with him because when he needs them no one can say.

Lungs Cancer:

The second more dangerous disease which is associated with air pollution is lungs cancer and we all know how bad it is in very its nature. There are very rare chances for a human being to get rid of this disease. Air pollution is badly affecting human lungs because it is the first organ of the human body which interacts with it directly. So all the bad ingredient in air effects it first and worst way.



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