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You won’t believe it, but it seems that it only takes Trenbolone Acetate en France 10 minutes a day to slim your legs and get rid of excess fat. Like? With these 7 В simple exercises to do even at home to slim your legs and make them more toned!

The important thing is constancy: if it is true that it is enough to dedicate little time to these exercises, it is also true that one must remember to do them every day without apology. Then find out what are the best exercises to slim your legs in a few minutes a day, at home or in the gym.

1. The lunges

The lunges are one of the best exercises to do to firm and tone your legs. Do the front, side, forward, reverse, with the barbell and dumbbells. The ideal is to start with simple lunges (a series of 10 for each leg) and then continue raising the level with more complex lunges. Follow all the instructions to make them correctly HERE >>

Read in the gallery how to practice the best leg exercises; by following the instructions in the correct way your whole body will benefit from it. From squats to simple jumps, always to be done with extreme attention to ankles and joints, there are many types of training to try alone or in company in the gym.

1. Exercises to slim your legs: the chair

Stand with your back against the wall and your feet apart. Bend your legs to form a ninety-degree angle between your calf and thigh, just as if you were sitting on an invisible chair. Stay like this for 6 seconds and then return to the starting position. Do 2 sets of 10 movements, resting between them for 30 seconds.

2. Exercises to slim your legs: squats

To have perfect legs there is nothing better than doing squats! The ideal is to proceed gradually, starting withВ  3 sets of 10 and going up as the weeks go by. Squats are very similar to the exercise of the chair but, in this case, you have to go down and get up and not remain fixed in the same position. Spread your legs so that your feet are in line with your shoulders: keeping your back straight, lower yourself until you bend your knees at an angle and get up immediately, without stopping. While you are down your shoulders should be in line with your knees. To find out how to squat properly,

3.Exercises to slim your legs: singles

Lie on your right side on a mat, bend your right arm and put it under your head. The left arm, on the other hand, will be on the ground in front of the belly. Maintaining balance, squeeze the buttocks and lift the straight leg with the foot flexed and not pointed. Do not go too high with your leg, but only until you feel that you are straining the muscle. Go up and down, without touching the other leg, at a fast pace. Do 3 sets of 10 movements, taking a little breath between them and alternating between the side and the leg in work.

4.Exercises to streamline the legs: of the soldier

An exercise that makes the legs work, without straining the back, is that of the “soldier”. In an upright position with your feet in line and your arms at your sides, raise your foot until it is level with your pelvis. The leg must be stretched, as well as the muscles of the buttocks (well contracted). Stay in the position for 5 seconds and then put your foot back on the ground. Alternating your legs, do 2 sets of these 10 movement exercises.

5.Exercises to slim your legs: box jump

The exercises called box jump are ideal for slimming the legs. By this name we mean the jumps to be made over a resistant box or a chair or shelf high enough. Stand in front of the box with your toes facing it. Jump by moving your legs at the same time and land on the base of the box.

Go back to the starting position. Continue to jump evenly, trying to bring your knees to your chest, until you are able to do three sets of fifteen.

6.Exercises to slim your legs: bicycle

Another useful fitness exercise for slimming the legs is what is known as a bicycle. To do this, lie down on the mat with your stomach up. Raise your legs and start pedaling as if you were on a bike. If you need support, you can place your hands under the buttocks to give you an initial push. This exercise is also useful for the abs.

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