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A lot of people have poor eating habits that eventually result in health issues. Many people grow up in families where people don’t talk about and/or don’t practice proper nutrition. There are also plenty of families in which members pressure each other to eat more food. A lot of people eat too much food, while other people eat too many of the wrong things. The key is to eat portioned meals and plenty of vegetables. 

Poor Exercise Habits 

Your body needs to move in order to stay toned and healthy. A lot of people do not walk. If you go to many cities and suburbs in the United States, you’ll find that the streets are, many times, mostly empty—even in more populated places. Many people end up sitting in front of television and computer screens. You need to do strength building exercises so that your bones and muscles stay strong. 

Drug Abuse 

It is an unfortunate reality that drug abuse is very much widespread. It has come to a point where it is rampant, and even sometimes encouraged, among peers in some social and professional circles. There is a widespread idea that drug use means that you are “having fun,” or that you are someone who is enlightened about how to have a good time. However, there are a lot of people out there who do copious amounts of drugs to point where they seriously destroy their bodies over the course of time. If you become one of these people, it may not seem long before you realize that you need kidney failure treatment. You may also destroy your appearance and have the appearance of someone ravaged by drugs. 

Not Taking Care Of Other Parts Of Life 

Some people may be surprised to learn that health does not us consist of physical health–it consists of emotional health and social health. You can be the healthiest person, physically. However, if you do not feel that you have connections with other people and the world, you might feel depressed, and this might affect your health and life in many ways. The same goes for emotions. If you are not emotionally well, you may end up showing physical manifestations like illnesses. Nowadays, many people feel less connected to each other and to the world. This is a problem, because it goes against the nature and needs of individual human beings. Instead of being in close knit communities, a lot of people have few to no friends and live in neighborhood where nobody knows each other or shows face in the community. Many people lead very solitary existences in life. Different parts of health feed into each other. For example, if you do not keep up your body, physically, you may find yourself getting depressed. This depression may lead you to neglect your social life, which may further exacerbate your emotional issues and encourage you to neglect your body more.

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