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Unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of a good night’s rest. We all know that a lack of rest can hinder our ability to function day to day, but it can be so hard to fall asleep! Life can be stressful and very busy at times, so by nighttime some people still feel energetic and restless. No matter what they do, their minds can’t shut down for sleep. Maybe they are anions for the next day, or they can’t stop thinking about what they forgot to accomplish that day. Regardless of the reason, there are solutions to the problem. I used to be like that as well, but then I started listening to soothing sounds and music before bed. Here is a list of my favorite ambient sleep sounds playlist

Air Humidifier 

The air humidifier is a great background noise to help you rest. It is not too loud and it also helps treat a variety of breathing problems such as sleep apnea, allergies and asthma. Another good reason to use an air humidifier is because they can filter toxins out of the air and prevent dry skin. 

Top Table Fan 

A slow moving table-top has so many benefits when it comes to helping you rest, especially during the summer time when temperatures sky rocket. You can either buy a top table fan or you can listen to the sounds of one on your mobile device. Just make sure that it is far enough away from you so it doesn’t have the opposite effect you are seeking. 

Pink Noise 

People say that the white noise is good for sleep, but according to scientists, the Pink noise is better because it is a combination of low and high frequencies, that sound more natural and balanced than the white noise. Research also reported it helps cognitive and memory functions! 

Classic Music 

This one is obvious, but people don’t use this one very often. Relaxing and soft music helps your brain concentrate on the music without leaving you restless and filled with energy. The best type of classic music for sleep is piano sonatas. Piano music is also great to listen to while you are bathing or trying to unwind after work. 

Nature And Ocean Waves 

Listening to nature before you go to bed is the greatest way to get a good nights sleep. Nature is relaxing and it connects you with the earth while reducing depression, high blood pressure and anxiety. In my honest opinion, listening to the ocean waves is better than therapy. Rippling sounds, ocean waves and even babbling brooks have been proven again and again to offer intense relief and satisfaction. 

A Soothing Voice Recording. 

If you like to go to sleep watching television or near your computer screen, this tip is for you. Download a few audio books and listen to them as you fall asleep. Don’t turn them off if you get tired, just keep listening to it until you drift off to sleep. 

Did you find this article helpful? Which sound was your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share us with others who are also having sleep troubles!

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