This is an absolutely marvelous medical device that will infuse fluids or needed nutrients into a person’s circulatory system. An IV Pump is a term used for an infusion pump. This amazing device is, typically, used by nursing professionals. It has the ability to control the amount of fluids being administered into a patient for medical reasons. This device is less costly than some other manual methods. There are a large variety of pump manufacturers and it is a highly beneficial piece of equipment used in the medical field. This pump is capable of delivering a large amount of fluid into a patient or it can deliver smaller amounts if necessary. This pump can infuse the following into a patient: 

* medications 
* any needed nutrients 
* chemotherapy drugs 
* antibiotics 
* pain relievers 
* insulin 
* hormones 

This pump is marvelous because it is intended to foster convenience and accuracy for a patient and for the medical professionals. They have been designed to be stationary, for the most part. This is a convenient piece of equipment because it was intended to be used at the bedside of a patient. It ought to be noted, ambulatory infusion pumps are wearable and portable. Some pumps are patient controlled. A medical professional will, typically, assess each patient individually to determine which infusion pump is going to meet their unique medical needs. 

Feeding Patients in a Professional Manner 

The infusion pump is used to, actually, feed a patient in a professional and dignified manner. The larger pumps will have the ability to pump in enough nutrients to nourish a person. This is considered to be a large volume pump. A small-volume pump often uses a computer-controlled motor. It will push the plunger on a syringe. This infusion pump is highly professional and is, often, used in a private setting to maintain better health for individuals. 

A Life-Changing Invention: A Clear Goal 

The inventor of the infusion pump is Dean Kamen. He, apparently, had a very clear goal for this marvelous medical device when he invented it. Kamen is known for his innovative nature and thinking. He was a man with medical knowledge and became a respected inventor. He managed to shake up the medical field for many reasons. He is the founder of the wearable infusion pump. He had created this device from his college dorm room. This infusion pump invention had been a runner-up, by Time magazine, as the “coolest invention of 2003.” His goal was to invent this marvelous medical device, initially, to assist diabetics. He invested five years of private advanced research, while pursuing his education, on the insulin pump. This turned out to be a life-changing invention with a clear goal. 

The Cost of this Medical Device 

The cost of an infusion pump may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The average cost for this type of device can range from 2,184 dollars to 6,865 dollars. When they are networked into various medical facilities, the cost may double.

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