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It is not a surprise that slowly, various states around the US have started to embrace the idea of legalizing marijuana. There have been a lot of supporters who have openly come out and fought for the legalization of weed. However, up to this day, the federal government still does not recognize marijuana as a medicinal substitute to cure ailments, all the more does it recognize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. This, however, has not stopped some select states from making their statewide laws concerning the legalization of marijuana in their respective states, Either they have allowed the use of recreational marijuana or allowed the use of cannabis as a medicinal option to treat patients that fall under state identified pre-qualifying conditions. There are now a total of 15 states around the US that allow and recognize marijuana for recreational or medicinal use. These states also have set guidelines regarding possession, transport, use, cultivation, selling, and distribution of legal marijuana. There are also corresponding fines and jail time for offenders who go over the limited guidelines.

Here is a list of the different states who have legalized marijuana either for recreational or medicinal use. Residents of these states may legally buy cannabis seeds and not fall under the hard arm of the law. They have the choice to choose front the best Indica strains available or the best Sativa strains, depending on their choice of high.


Michigan approved the use of both medicinal and recreational use of weed in 2018. They were the very first midwestern state to allow recreational and medical marijuana use.


It was in the year 2012 that residents of Nevada voted to allow the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana in the state. Up to this day, residents freely enjoy using and even cultivation weed in their back yards


Way back in 1996, California started the legalization of medical marijuana. But they did not stop fighting for the use of recreational marijuana in this state and 2016, the state has finally allowed the use of recreational marijuana in the state of California. They have set the rules that any adult 21 years and above may legally possess, cultivate, and use marijuana either as a recreational or medicinal tool.


The Us Territory of Guam passed a law in 2019 to legalize the cannabis plant. This means that medical and recreational marijuana may now be used and even cultivated in this US territory.


Vermont is one of the newer states to permit both recreational and medical marijuana use. This was legalized just this year, 2020.


Proud residents of Colorado may lay claim as the first US state to legalize marijuana use. This covers both medical and recreational cannabis use. As early as 2012, this state already recognized and legalized marijuana and since then, the state has earned a total of $79 billion n cannabis sales alone.


They call Massachusetts the Pilgrim state, and the Pilgrm state permitted the use of both recreational and medical marijuana as early as 2012.


The plant bill, which is known as the marijuana bill allowing the use of medical and recreational marijuana was passed in 2019.


It all started in 1971 when the state of  Alaska was one of the few states to decriminalize the use of marijuana, since then the use or possession of marijuana was never seen as a criminal act. Then in 1998, medical cannabis was recognized for some individuals who were qualified as long as they met the qualifying conditions set by the state. Then in 2014, Alaska passed the law allowing for the production, use, sale, and regulation of weed, which included recreational marijuana.

10:District of Columbia

It was in 2014 when Washington D.C. allowed the use of both adult-use and medical marijuana. A process of registration must be done accompanied by a written certification from a state-recognized physician.

11:New Jersey

This state was the first mid-Atlantic area to permit the use of marijuana for adult-use and medicinal purposes. This was just approved very recently and rules and regulations will soon be set up to cater to the consumer market.


Medical Marijuana users have enjoyed this state’s recognition allowing its use as early as 1998. However, in 2014, this state included the use of adult-use marijuana in its list of legal laws.


It was the year 2015 when this state finally recognized the use of recreational marijuana as legal, but as early as 1998, medical marijuana users already enjoyed the luxury of using medicinal weed without the fear of prosecution.


This state is in the process of still setting up its rules if they are to incorporate the legalization of distribution or limit the legalization to only cover possession and use. But Arizona has already approved in principle the use of both recreational and medical marijuana.


Way back in 2016, the residents of Maine voted to legalize the possession, cultivation, and consumption of marijuana. But it was in 1999, that medical marijuana was allowed to be used in this state.


It was just the recent 2020 polls that showed that residents of Montana are in favor of legalized medical and recreational marijuana use. Any individual resident at least 2 years old is considered of legal age.

17:South Dakota

The state of South Dakota will permit the use of recreational and medical marijuana t to be effected on July 1, 2021.

The tides are changing and the people have spoken, marijuana legalization for both medicinal and recreational use will soon be legalized in the majority of US states. With 15 current states already allowing the use of both medical and recreational use, the numbers will keep on adding up and a majority of US residents will start to embrace the fact that marijuana is an organic alternative to the already legal alcohol and other substances.

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