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Aurora is an Indica dominant potent strain that can plunge its consumers into deep, soothing contemplation. This mostly indica bud is an ultimate sedation that induces heavy full-body sleep effects and a sedating cerebral calm that relieve all kinds of medical conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

This very powerful and super strong cannabis strain with high THC levels and good yields, is an indica classic that’s a cross between northern lights and afghan. These two are actually considered to be among the most potent Cannabis Indica varieties. Individually, Northern Light is one of the highest yielding Pure Indica marijuana types and is considered the mother of white trichome strains. On the other hand, Afghan is considered to be one of the best seeds for original genetics and is often used by many breeders of hybrids.Its flavorful strain that you can use is known for its very relaxing, and euphoric sensation.

With almost pure 90% indica and just 10% sativa genetics. This strain induces an extreme body stoned effect and can cause hallucinations or psychedelic effects.


Great strains do not only benefit the recreational users, medical marijuana exist too – and Aurora Indica Strain is one best example of that. Due to these potent effects, Aurora Indica is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as ADD/ADHD.

Medically also, the aurora indica is recommended for people who suffer from insomnia and also for people who suffer from hyperactivity. This dank bud boasts a THC level that ranges from 14-19% on average

Beyond the recreational high, Aurora Indica provides users a holistic aroma that is pungent and nearly black. This plant’s smoke is typically narcotic and is deeply relaxing. The THC level of this plant is high that it would sometimes reach a rate more than 20%.


Aurora Indica is vastly potent which is why it is advised not to take it lightly. It has actually existed way back 20 years or more. This plant can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. But it is mostly advisable to grow Aurora Indica indoors. This plant could give you 450 to 500 grams per square meter of Sea of Green. It has a flowering period that lasts between 7 to 9 weeks.

The short plants produce dense, bulky buds dusted with a thick layer of crystal resin. Different phenotypes emerge under different growing conditions, giving way to variable bud structures and aromas ranging from fruity to floral.


Aurora indica is known for its tendencies to give you couchlock. Its potent weed that is very high in THC. This is the kind of weed you want to smoke at night before bed or any time you just want to relax and chill. If you’re searching for the best Aurora strain that will surely give you a good night’s sleep, check out Mary Janes Garden Aurora Indica in high-quality cannabis breeding.

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