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The popularity of total knee replacement has been on the rise in the past few years, with reports showing that approximately 70,000 of patients with knee and joint problems in the US opt for this procedure. This, nevertheless, does not come as a surprise as the procedure has been proven to have a diverse array of benefits. If you are struggling with knee pain, here are several reasons why you should consider this procedure. 

What Is Knee Replacement? 

Before we get to the benefits, it is vital that you first fully grasp what a knee replacement is, so you can understand why its popularity has been on the rise. In a layman language and as the name seems to suggest, a knee replacement is a surgical procedure during which the damaged surfaces of your knee or joint are removed and replaced with an implant, mostly made of plastic or metal. This procedure is often prevalent among people suffering from debilitating pain caused by osteoarthritis. Even though it finally offers relief, like most surgeries, it is also accompanied by post-operative pain and the average recovery period is about six weeks depending on how fast your body heals, as well as adapting to the foreign implants placed in your knee. 

Offers Relief To Pain 

One of its top benefits and the reason why most people consider is that once the affected cartilage or bone is removed and the body gets used to the implant, the pain that they felt earlier is no longer experienced. This is often a relief considering the pain that conditions like osteoarthritis tend to cause. 

Improved Mobility 

Besides pain, one of the effects of osteoarthritis is that it causes joint stiffness. This combined with pain makes it close to impossible for you to move from one point to another. It thus affects your life negatively as you can no longer do things you used to effortlessly such as taking walks, riding your bicycle or hitting the gym. However, undergoing a knee replacement ohio makes it possible for you to enjoy these activities once again because once you’ve recovered, you can now indulge in such activities. 

Improves The Quality Of Life 

Being unable to move comfortably tends to affect your life’s quality. This is because even though friends and family will support you, many are the times you will be left behind when they are going on outdoors activities which involve a lot of movement such as hikes. Even when you tag along, you are more likely to feel like you are being left out as you cannot participate in everything and additionally, you’ll feel like a burden. Such feelings can easily lead to depression. By undergoing knee replacement, you get back your mobility and regain full control of your life and as a result, an improved quality of life which means a happier you. It is, however, essential to keep in mind that there are several risks involved and a knee surgery should be your last resort. Do things that keep your joints healthy and if you already have osteoarthritis, try other natural means of preventing it from worsening before you could think of knee replacement.

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