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Personal fitness trainersis an often misunderstood concept in fitness realm. They are not just fitness gurus. They are not just workout program developers. A personal fitness trainer in Singapore from Core Collective goes farther than that. The movies, commercials and media usually portray them in a different light. We offer thepersonal trainers (PT) who help you accomplish your goals without fail. Our PTs don’t yield to the commercial jargons associated with gym. To us, dieting isn’t about deprivation. In addition, progress is not just about pain. We try to create the most enjoyable experience at the gym. Before we explain further, let’s us explain our mantras to success.

PT keeps you as consistent as you can be. You are reminded time and again about why you are training. We let you imagine how happy you would feel to have the beach body, if you work hard for it this summer. We program the session for you and make sure the exercises are done well. In our belief, being available 24 x 7 is important. That constant support is what that is going to make a difference. We always keep you motivated and make sure you enjoy the session more than anything. That is just as far as psychological needs go. Nevertheless, there’s more to being a PT in our establishment.

How are we different?

We do not advocate things like no pain, no gain, my way or the highway, etc. We believe in personalized programs and supervision that makes training easy. Besides that, there is a lot more that distinguishes us from the rest.

Health profile

We supply our PTs with great tools to evaluate patients medically. Body composition, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels are measured. It is important to get our clients go where they want to go. The process should be as easy and as efficient as possible. We create a health based profile for you. Ours is an advanced health profile than theold fashioned BPM and body fat measures. The adoption of technology is what makes our services the best in Singapore.

Super friendly PTs

We have clients coming in from all walks of life. From athletes to business people to housewives, we have all sorts of clients. Our PTs are super friendly to train with. They tend to be more like a training partner when needed.

Workout goals

Once we create your health profile and get to know you better, then we can discuss how we need to move forward. We are aware of what we need to be careful about and what we need to focus particularly. You training goals are established by day one.

Constant surveillance

You do not have to worry about knowing whether you are doing exercises correctly or not. For most part, we will be there with you. We also do video surveillance of your workouts and exercises. We make sure you are doing everything as well as you can, in a safe manner. Exercises program reviews are taken regularly. You will never feel lost in a gym even when we are not there. Our personalized exercise programs will provide you with such confidence.

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