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Promotional items are the items that are customized by a company with a seal of the brand name. They are a great marketing strategy and a way of spreading brand awareness. It is usually done through giveaway in different events, competitions, fundraisers, etc. The promotional item you choose to associate with also represents your company’s stances.

Custom Earth Promos is a great place to get your promotional items. You can buy promotional hand sanitizer, custom reusable bags, custom pens, custom pen sanitizers, and many more eco-friendly products at the wholesale rate at Custom Earth Promos. They produce eco-friendly products to preserve the Earth.

What makes the pen a classic promotional item?

A promotional pen is one of the most popular promotional items because of it being affordable and used by all. Almost all the brands have associated their names with custom pens. You can never go wrong with promotional pens. Pens are required everywhere and anywhere so you do not have to even think of the targeted audience for promotional pen giveaway.

No matter how digitalized or technologically dependent the world becomes, pen and paper are not going to go away. It will be there from the very childhood till adulthood. For meetings, contract building, writing your examination paper, etc. all required pen and paper. It is an affordable commodity reaching to greater masses.

Tips to make your promotional pens unique

Along with being popular, it is versatile as well. Promotional pens can be customized according to your desire. It can be of any color, any pattern, and brand names written anywhere but still, it will be handier than the rest of the items. One pen can be passed around which also spreads the brand name.

To get above your competition, you can always customize the promotional pen uniquely. You can apply the concept to it that your company believes in. For example, an eco-friendly and recyclable promotional pen would sound more appealing than just a regular pen. Also, it would serve a deeper purpose and give the impression that your company believes in preservation.

Branding promotional pens

Things that you need to consider while branding promotional pens are:

  • Number

Before giving an order for customized promotional pens, understand that you are not the only one using this commodity for promotional purposes. There are many other brands too. Therefore, estimate the number of promotional pens to order in the first batch and observe how it helps in your brand recognition.

  • Time

Set a well estimated time for you to increase your promotional pen’s Pen Value. Limited promotional time only depreciates your brand name and causes no benefits for your brand recognition.


Promotional pens are a common and popular promotional item. To have a different approach, you can consider pen sanitizer spray as a promotional item. They are budget-friendly and considered to be essential during current times of pandemic. It would be a great marketing strategy and also show how much your company cares about customers well being.

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