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If you enjoy coffee, then you probably have one of the latest machines that can grace your kitchen counter. The Keurig doesn’t require a filter, and you don’t have to mess with all of the coffee grounds that can make a mess. It uses pods that you can get in all flavors. Here are a few tips for making your coffee taste like it was made by a barista. 

Using Keurig pods is fairly simple. All you have to do is put one of the pods in the machine, turn the machine on, and let the coffee or other beverage that you’re making drip into your cup or pot. If you notice your beverage a little weaker than you like, then consider using two pods instead of one. Many pods are in an eight-ounce version, but you can usually find larger ones of most of the popular flavors. If you can’t find the larger ones, then using two would be fine. 

Sometimes, your coffee can have a bitter taste unless you add a lot of sugar and cream. If you don’t want to add sugar to your coffee, then consider adding a small amount of salt. The salt will cut back on the bitter flavor and bring out the rich natural flavor of the coffee beans. Another option that you have would be to use your own beans. You can get any kind that you want, such as those from a specialty coffee store, and grind them to put in the same pods that you would normally use. This is where recycling comes in handy because you can clean out the pods that you’ve already used and put your grounds in them. You can also use grounds that are in bags at stores if you don’t want to spend the time to grind your own. 

A fun way to make your coffee stand out is to get inside the pod and change the original flavor. You can put a pod inside your reusable filter. This will make a small chamber so that the water will last even longer, delivering a bold flavor. You can also gently pull back the top of the pod and add your own liquid flavors that will then be mixed with the original flavor when it goes into your cup. 

Make sure your machine is clean before each use. This will enhance the flavor as well. Some machines will only accept the original Keurig products. However, you can get around this little detail by using a special kind of clip that you can order online or get in a store that sells the coffee machines. If you want your coffee hotter, then run one water cycle through your machine so that the machine is hotter during the next cycle. Move your cup from the coffee stream right before the end of the cycle as the last little bit is usually the weakest when it comes to the strength of your coffee. Don’t worry about the leftovers, but make sure you clean the overfill area.


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