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Tooth loss happens to be very common in the United States. Unfortunately, many people have been forced to live with tooth loss for a majority of their lives. Depending on your medical conditions, the medications you take, your health, your chronic diseases and many other factors, sometimes tooth loss is something that is out of your control. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are approximately more than 36 million men and women in the United States who currently are without any permanent teeth left. Because of the conditions that they have had to endure, they have been forced to completely lose all of their teeth. Some people have been able to fortunately recover from tooth loss by depending on removable devices, while many other people have been forced to live a life without any teeth. Living a life without any teeth can force you to alter your diet, alter the way you communicate, can cause you to lack self-esteem and can simply just completely overall turn your life around. If you are looking to improve your overall oral experience is, you may want to opt for a removable device in order to replace your missing teeth for a better life.

Unfortunately, there are a number of senior citizens who have been forced to completely lose all of their teeth. By the time an individual has reached the age of 65 years old and older, approximately more than 1 in 5 individuals could face some level of tooth decay that goes untreated. Because of the severe tooth decay that these elderly individuals may face, they may later deal with complete tooth loss. According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 5 adults in America who are 65 years old and older will have completely lost all of their teeth. For many different reasons, such as untreated tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer and other medical conditions toothless is something that cannot be avoided. Once you experience toothless, you will also begin to experience a number of changes in your personal life. Some elderly individuals will completely lose all of their self-esteem once their teeth is gone. 

Fortunately, you are able to depend on removable devices in order to improve your overall oral experiences. You no longer have to feel like you have to hide your smile because of your missing teeth. You can depend on removable devices that can be very affordable for your current situation. Take time to do a little bit of research on your own on the various types of removable devices that can be an option for you and your missing teeth. You may also conduct a general search on the internet for some dentures cape coral fl

Dealing with missing teeth can definitely be very hard to cope with. You can end up living your life feeling sheltered and shy or you can easily repair your tooth loss by getting a removable device to repair what you have lost. Take time to consider doing your own research in learning more about the various types of removable devices out in the market and also think about how much better your life and your oral experiences could improve.


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