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Is there really a need to start worrying about a baby’s first tooth? Most parent’s don’t think so, especially since it’s destined to fall out, but dentists say those first teeth require the same level of care as permanent teeth. According to experts at one pediatric dental clinic burnsville mn parents should schedule an initial checkup by the age of one. Why so early for an oral checkup? because one of the biggest issues with baby teeth is developing baby bottle syndrome, which can lead to the destruction of the teeth. 

Why Development Of Baby Teeth Are Important 

Frequent daily intake of fermentable carbohydrates, more commonly known as sugars, is the major causal factor in the development of dental caries. The problem is discussed more when it comes to permanent teeth, but babies and toddlers can also develop dental caries. 

Baby Bottle Syndrome is characteristic of those children who fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth, and those who have prolonged use (past the age of two) of a bottle. It’s long been believed that oral care was not that important for baby teeth because of their replacement with the permanent ones. In reality, dentists have found that the health of a child’s initial teeth is of fundamental importance because caries developed during childhood can lead to a range of issues. A healthy oral environment allows the child to grind solid foods and chew easily, starting the first phase of digestion that takes place precisely in the mouth. 

Development and growth of the jaw and of the dental arches: healthy functioning initial teeth promotes the harmonic growth of the maxillary bones. The early loss of these teeth, on the contrary, can cause malocclusions (bad mouth closure) and bad chewing habits, which can cause problems of development and growth of the maxillary bones of the dental arches. 

Development of language and phonation: initial teeth, just like the permanent ones, allow for the correct pronunciation of labiodental and lingual-dental, that is, the consonants that are pronounced when the tip of the tongue touches the teeth. The damage or the absence of one or more teeth can cause an alteration in the pronunciation of words, and lead to socialization problems in children. 

Development of permanent teeth: Initial teeth are essential for maintaining adequate space in the dental arch. They are in fact preparatory to the permanent ones and act like real “placeholders” in the dental arch. In fact, if a baby tooth falls prematurely, due to caries or trauma, the neighboring teeth tend to move inside the empty space, preventing the natural exit of that nascent tooth or deviating its path, thus creating problems of misalignment of the teeth. 

Acquire healthy habits of future oral health: Taking care of those initial teeth allows for minimally invasive and painless treatments in the future. Furthermore, going to the dentist early creates the habit of taking care of one’s oral health as a completely natural fact, far from any possible fears and anxieties that children develop. Early visits to the dentist help develop good habits for kids, not to mention professionals can check for and remedy any problems early on. These good habits also ensure better chances to have healthy permanent teeth throughout adult life.

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