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Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with going to the dentist to receive regular oral care. Children especially, have a difficult time coping with going to the dentist. Many children tend to suffer from feeling fear and anxiety when going to the dentist. For many different reasons, children tend to have a negative and a fearful image of seeing their dentist. Perhaps, it may be due to associating pain when going to the dentist. According to WebMD, there are about more than 9 to 20 percent of people who suffer from having some level of dental anxiety. Some of the common symptoms of dental anxiety may include: trouble sleeping the night before, feelings of nervousness, crying loudly, feeling physically ill, feeling like you’re going to pass out, etc. The symptoms will also differ among different people, therefore it is critical to be aware of any changes that your child may be displaying. Sometimes, some children also tend to hide their anxiety and fear until they are actually in the middle of their dental appointment. Therefore, it is important for you to be sensitive to your child’s needs and try to find them a pediatric dentist that they can feel comfortable with.

There are a variety of reasons for why your child could be facing anxiety and fear when seeing their pediatric dentist. For example, some children have a perception that when they attend their dentist appointment they are going to experience a great deal of pain. In fact, a majority of children actually face some level of fear when seeing the dentist. Also, there are many other reasons such as the fear of being injected, fear of anesthetics, fear of feeling helplessness, fear of losing control and also fear of losing your personal space. Which is why it is recommended for parents to stay close to their children and to figure out when they are experiencing any psychological hardship with your dental experiences. According to the CDC, more than 20 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old commonly have at least one decayed tooth that goes untreated. Many children unfortunately avoid dental appointments because of the fear they have and has an end result, they end up not receiving treatment that they need. 

There are many things that you can do for your child if you are looking to give them a better experience at the dentist. Giving them a more comfortable experience can allow them to reduce their fears and anxiety that they may have when going to the dentist. Finding them a pediatric dentist that they can feel comfortable that can allow them to reduce their fears. You want to try to find a dental facility that has a warm and inviting environment that is also kid-friendly. You can do your research by looking up any Pediatric Dental Care Services thornton co

Helping your child feel comfortable when going to the dentist is the best way to reduce their fears. When you were able to provide them with a comfortable and familiar environment, they are able to significantly reduce your fears and feel at ease when attending their dentist appointment. The more comfortable your child feels at their dental appointment, the likely they are more cooperative when going to their dental appointments.

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