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Gone are the days when going to the dentist sparks fear in children and even some adults. With new dental procedures and methods, the image of the dentist with a drill in one hand is hopefully gone forever. Here are some of the emerging technologies that could make examinations and treatment more effective and efficient for dental patients. These technologies are expected to transform the way dental offices and professionals deliver their specialized services to customers. 

Lasers As Less Invasive Dental Tools 

New technologies and procedures have ushered in less invasive methods in dental treatment and testing processes. Cavity treatment using lasers provide a more pleasant experience for patients undergoing the procedure. Through lasers, decay and other unwanted filling materials are removed in the tooth. In the past, old-school drilling tools plus painful injections are used as part of the treatment procedure. Developments in this area allowed patients to access a less intrusive, almost painless method of treatment. 

Tooth Regeneration Instead of Extraction 

As the technology becomes more refined in the future, other uses for lasers in the area of dental treatment will be perfected. These other uses include regenerative tooth treatment modes that stimulate natural tooth growth. Today’s treatment method for saving a problematic tooth is to perform a root canal, removing the pulp and then replacing it with filling. In some cases when the tooth cannot be saved, extraction is the only way. New studies are exploring the use of lasers to stimulate dentin regrowth in the pulp. 

Digital Dentistry Methods 

Innovative 3D printing technology created new opportunities for the dental services industry. While 3D technology continues to be studied and expanded, it is now accessible to dental patients. 3D printing is used in the area of dental prosthetics and orthodontics. The technology can be used to create crowns, tooth replacements, dental implants, and other dental or prosthetic requirements. Before printing, dentists take x-rays or scans of the patient’s mouth, jaw, or facial area. The device uses the patient’s oral scans to create a comfortable prosthetic or replacement dental tool that fits perfectly. 

Benefits of Seeing a Dentist 

Like any part of the body, the teeth and the general mouth area requires regular check-ups and examinations. When in Australia, seeing a dentist cairns regularly helps promote and maintain oral health. The frequency of the visits to the dental professional depends on the needs of the client or patient. While innovations spur changes in the way dental procedures are done, the need to visit a dentist on a regular basis continues to be a basic requirement for general good health. 

Oral care is important in maintaining overall health. Preventative care is more than just regular flossing and brushing. Regular dental check-ups are also an important part of an oral health regimen. With new technologies, patients are provided with more options for examinations, testing, and treatment. These technologies are changing and enhancing the customer experience in the dental services industry. With these types of technologies, services become more efficient and less stress-free.

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