Why Am I Working So Hard?

Staying healthy is hard work. You try to eat the perfect diet, perform the perfect exercise routine on a regular basis, and find the perfect sleep pattern so that you will feel great each day. And yet no matter how hard you try and regardless of your overall condition, there always seems to be some ache or pain that slows you down. 

Living Without Limitations

True freedom comes when you realize that you can still do the activities today that you did 10 years ago. When you can walk, run, dance and workout without giving it a second thought, you feel a true sense of accomplishment. And that is why you keep going. But muscle and joint pain and injury can quickly change your level of physical performance. This is especially true when the problem begins in your back. 

The Impact of Back Pain 

Back pain is very common evidenced by the fact that there are over 200,000 cases in the US each year. The good news is that many of these cases are diagnosed as mechanical pain which is simply muscle pain that worsens with movement and can be self-treated with ice, heat, over the counter medications, and stretching and strengthening programs. The bad news is that just as many cases are more serious in nature and may limit your physical activity and even impede your overall performance. This is when you need to take action. 

Back Pain Treatments 

When your pain becomes intense and long term, moves to areas like your lower pelvis, hips and legs, and creates numbness or weakness in your arms or legs you should seek professional treatment. There are numerous centers that focus on the back and spine and you can research those local to you by searching for something like herniated disc treatment Sarasota FL. You should look for a center that can diagnose your issue and recommend a specific treatment program. This program should be designed so that it meets your individual needs based on the source and intensity of your pain and the exact symptoms that you describe to your doctor. The treatment plan might include steps like therapeutic ultrasound, injections of steroids, and physical therapy with surgery being offered as a last resort. 

Guidelines For a Healthy Back 

The tricky part of all this is that unfortunately, it is really easy to injure your back. Improper movements like over-lifting, lack of activity and sitting for long periods, bad posture or even a genetic predisposition to orthopedic problems can cause back pain. There are some steps you can take to keep your back healthy for as long as possible. Maintain a straight back and relaxed posture whenever you sit. This is particularly important when driving a vehicle or working on any type of technology. It is also important to stay physically active so that you can avoid stiff joints. Any type of exercise including performing household chores will help to lubricate and strengthen your back. Finally, practice proper lifting by using your legs and lifting only what your body can handle.



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